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Kava ($3.00-$13.00)

Kava Mocktails ($5.00-$8.00)

Kava Salve made by Vintage Kava ($10.00)

Kava Chocolate Bar ( $5.00)

Kava Candy ($5.00)

Instant Kava Add-On ($2.00)

Instant Kava 2 oz ($18.00)

Kava Extracts ($22.00)

Kava Strainer ($10.00-$20.00)

Hemp Extracts

Kingdom Harvest Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract SubLingual Oil (SLO)

  • Natural or Peppermint  (10mg/mL – 15mL)- $63.00
  • Natural or Peppermint (10mg/mL – 30mL)- $107.00

Shanti Elixirs Full Spectrum CBD Jun- 10mg ($8.50)

Hemp Chocolate Bar ($6.00)

8oz CBD Coffee ($5.00)

CBD Mints ($15.00)

CBD Vial- CO2 extraction ($6.00)

Hemp Honey Stick 2.2mg ($3.00/ stick)

Kingdom Harvest Canine Hemp Extract ($42.00)

Best Buds Hemp Extract Dog Treats: Gluten Free- 1.5mg per treat ($22.00)

The Living Trees Hemp Salve ($43.00)

Create Your Own Tea

STEP 1: Pick your base ($3.00)

  • Yerba-Mate Loose Leaf
  • Green, White, or Black Tea
  • Oolong
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Turmeric
  • Jasmine

STEP 2: Pick your Add-Ons:

  • cloves, citrus chamomile, echinacea, elder flower, ginger, hibiscus, lemon grass, lemon balm, orange peel, lavender, nettle leaf, oolong, passion flower, peppermint, spearmint, sage, rooibos, valerian root, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, cacao shells

Other Beverages

Buchi Kombucha ($6.00)

Jun Shanti Elixirs- Blueberry, Chai, or Pineapple ($6.50)

Traditional Yerba Mate ($3.00)

Guayaki Canned Yerba-Mate ($3.75)

Guayaki Glass Bottle Yerba-Mate ($4.25)

Coffee Sm/Lg ($1.50/ $2.50)

IBC ($1.50)

Red Bull ($3.00)

Water bottle ($1.00)

Ginger Ale ($1.00)

San Pellegrino ($2.00)

Perrier ($1.50)

Hot Cocoa ($2.00)

100% Juice Chaser ($1.00-$2.00)

Canned Soda ($1.00)


Eden Out Prepackaged Meals ($8.00)

Bag of Chips ($1.00)

Hot Pocket ($3.00)

Beef Jerky ($3.50)

Ice Cream Snickers Bar ($3.00)

Popcorn ($2.00)

Ramen Noodles ($2.00)

Candy Bars (Varies)

Peanuts ($1.00)

Sweet’n’Salty ($1.00)

Cinna Bun ($1.00)

Rice Crispy Treats ($1.00)

Pretzels ($1.00)

CLIF bar ($2.00)

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